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Operational Experience, Business Thinking

From Formation to Exit, we've got you covered

We have spent decades working with companies at every stage in their life cycle. We love working with growth and later stage companies and the investment teams who finance them as they navigate the sometimes tricky legal landscape to help make their business succeed.  We are M&A and corporate finance experts and our key sectors include high growth and tech companies, energy (both oil and gas and alternative energy), and telecom.  We also work with real estate investment and development companies as well as limited partnerships and niche investment funds.  We have represented hundreds of companies on all sorts of corporate matters, including formations (corporations, LLCs, partnerships and funds), friends and family, seed stage and VC financings, credit facilities, mergers and acquisitions, SEC-filings, employee matters and general corporate governance.  We regularly find ourselves across the table from some of the biggest firms in the world on deals ranging from $6 billion to $600,000 and we understand that no matter the size of the deal, you deserve the best legal counsel in your corner every time.

Integrated Service

Work with Niche Experts Across the Board

While we may be small in numbers, we are huge in reach.  By keeping our overhead low, we are able to provide competitive pricing for top notch legal representation.  Our network of experts, including Tax, IP, Employment and Litigation Counsel, ensures that our clients can get full service treatment from trusted advisors and subject-matter experts.  Why have only one tax lawyer on staff to handle everything (jack of all trades, master of none)?  We always source the perfect niche-area experts for your needs in an integrated and fluid manner so your Aegis team is seamless to you.  Overhead is overrated.  Expertise is critical.  We've figured out how to merge those perfectly.



I’ve beyond been impressed with your work and commitment. Aegis has added tremendous value and made this deal possible on a timeline that seemed like pure fantasy at the outset. Not to mention the pleasure you’ve been to work with. 



You guys are the best lawyers I’ve ever met.  I appreciate your professionalism and experience and for making our business run so efficiently.


It's been a pleasure working with your team. Can't say enough about your responsiveness and professionalism.

Lawyers who call themselves consultants?

Our team shares many things in common: top notch legal credentials, depth of expertise in our areas of practice, operational and in-house experience, and a love for thinking outside of the box. We refuse to be "lawyers' lawyers" and instead strive for more. We value creativity over negativity and refuse the idea that your legal team's value should lie in their ability to draft documents and say "no". We learn your business, we live your goals and we help you stretch to get there. We are not your typical law firm, we are so much more.  Legal advising, business strategizing, goal setting, success achieving...making the law work for you and not the other way around. So yes, we're consultants -- business professionals and entrepreneurs who bring the law in to serve its, and your, highest purpose.

Our Team is Your Team

Make outside counsel inside counsel.

Flexibility to meet your needs.

The biggest complaint we have heard time and again from CEOs, founders, CFOs and companies in general (including ourselves when we ran other businesses) is that their lawyers just weren't part of the business.  Lawyers who don't think of business ramifications, fail to see the big picture, fail to think creatively -- and then charge in 6 minute's enough to make anyone hate their attorneys. We pride ourselves in getting elbows deep in your business, helping you make legal decisions that positively move your company, your goals and your team forward.  If you want it, we can quote flat fees on 100% of our projects so that you can call us with questions any time without hearing the clock ticking.  If that doesn't work for you, you can also purchase pre-determined blocks of time (much like cell phone roll-over minutes) for retainer engagements.  Finally, if you like the old-fashioned way, we are able to quote you hourly billable rates for our team.  No matter how you want or need to work, our flexibility allows for you to get the best help on your terms.

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